The contact form feature on will allow you to have a feedback button / contact form floating on your blog or in a page / post.

To enable this, go to Settings → Feedback in your blog’s dashboard.


Tick the option Enable Feedback button in the first tab – General. You can also disable it for mobile devices, which we recommend.


Once you enable the feature, you’ll get a cool floating button on your blog, just like this:


If you or your readers click on it, you’ll get a contact form that looks like this:

Using the feedback / contact form on pages or sidebars

If you’re not completely fond of the floating button, you can add this to a page or HTML widget in your blog’s sidebar by simply adding this link:

Just replace the ‘Contact us’ part for the message of your choice and you’ll get a link like this – Contact Us – which will make the contact form appear.

All messages will be sent to your admin email address (not like comments which you see in your blog’s dashboard). If you’d like to use some other email address of yours, change it Settings → Feedback → Notifications.

More Frequently Asked Questions

You can customize the ‘Feedback’ title and the introductional text (e.g. ‘Please tell us what do you think, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.’) for something else in Settings → Feedback → Form.
Go to Settings → Feedback → Form and disable the 4 types of feedback (Idea, Problem, Question, Praise) by simply unchecking the option Ask for feedback type.
In Settings → Feedback → Button, you’ll be able to change the colors of the background and text as well as enable/disable the border used in the contact form.