With our PollDaddy service integration, you can create and share your custom polls in your blog. This feature will require you to have a PollDaddy (free) account.

So, what you need to do first is create one and then head up to the Polls menu and insert your login info.

Once you’ve inserted a correct username and password, you’ll be able to see all the options for this section.

Create your poll

Now that you’re all ready to start, click on the Add New button. Then, start by entering a title and possible answers for your poll.

The number of possible answers you can enter isn’t limited – to add a new line, just click on the Add Another button – but we advise you to stick to between 3 to 10 possible answers.

In the options below, you’ll always be able:

  • allow your readers to choose multiple answers
  • randomize the order of the answers
  • insert an option called ‘Other’, where people will be able to write an answers that’s not on the list
  • enable/disable sharing for the poll

Customize your poll

In the following menu, you can choose a design for your poll. Nothing too difficult. There are 20 templates available, but you can also create your own custom style for your poll.

Below the templates, you’ll find three size options:

  • Wide (630px, good for blog posts);
  • Medium (300px, good for general use);
  • Narrow (150px, good for sidebars)

The final options are for you to decide:

  • how to show the poll’s results – show to voters, only show percentages or hide all results
  • block repeat voters – by cookie or by cookie and IP address. You can also choose not to block repeat voters.

Wrapping Up

Once you’re finished hit the Save button and your poll will be created. Now head up to Polls and you’ll be able to see a table with all your created polls. Here, you can:

  • edit the poll again;
  • see its results;
  • delete it;
  • close the voting;
  • preview the poll;
  • and share it or embed it in your blog.