If you’ve recently registered a new domain for your blog, and it isn’t active yet, there are some things you can do:

Wait a little longer

It can take some hours for the DNS to fully propagate on the web. There’s nothing either us or you can do to accelerate the process, these things take time.

Make sure the domain is not pending your contact information

Head up to Tools → Domains in your blog’s dashboard.


Below the domain,  you’ll see a link called Edit Contact Info. Follow that link and enter your personal details to finish the domain registration.

Make sure your payment went through

Go the Upgrades section on your blog’s dashboard and confirm if the upgrade is active. If it is, you should be able to see the Active status in front of the upgrade name.


If it isn’t active there, check in your Paypal records if any error occurred for the transaction, before submitting a help request.

Still not active?

Submit a help request to our support team, filling the form below.

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