Comments are enabled by default, so if your readers are unable to comment on your blog, some things may be causing this:

  • Are comments enabled on your blog? Go to Settings → Discussion in your blog’s dashboard and check to see if there’s any blog misconfiguration that can be causing this.
  • Are comments enabled in your post? Comments can be enabled or disabled for specific posts or pages, so edit the post your readers are trying to comment and check if it’s allowing comments;
  • Is your blog automatically closing comments on old articles? By default, all blogs are set up to automatically close comments on articles older than 60 days, so this can be happening.

If you’ve cleared all these steps and people are still saying they can’t reply to your posts, they’ll probably referring to our Mozilla Person feature, which requires an email verification.

About Mozilla Persona

Mozilla Persona is a great project from the Mozilla Foundation, the guys behind the open source Firefox browser. It’s an identity system where no single provider holds the identity of every user. It has grandiose objectives, so I can’t do a good service explaining it here. It’s a bit of a hassle to setup the first time around (the first time someone comments), but it’s incredibly straightforward from then on, and the identity can be reused in other sites.

As a blog author, what it boils down to is this: when comment authors in your blog provide an email address, we now verify that they do own that email address. This makes it impossible to have someone mischievously post comments using a false email address.

Please note that is still possible to post comments without providing an email address and, consequently, having to be verified with Mozilla Persona. To change it, just go to Settings → Discussion and disable the option Comment author must fill out name and e-mail.

Then, your readers won’t have to enter their email addresses in the email field. If they do want to provide you with their email address, they must verify it with Mozilla Persona. Otherwise, they can just leave it blank.