automatically optimizes your blog in order to achieve good search engine rankings. All of your posts and pages have well formatted titles, descriptions and keywords based on its content.

However, users are able to edit their homepage meta description and meta keywords for search engines in Settings → SEO Options.

Settings - SEO Options

Tweak how you want your homepage to be shown on search engines. If you’d like, leave it blank and it will fall to our default settings. Below, you’ll see an example of how you can fill out the SEO form.

Settings - SEO Options

Example of a meta-description and meta-keywords for

Don’t forget that the blog’s title and tagline you insert in Settings → General are also very important, since they’ll appear in your blog’s search results.

Below, you’ll see an image of Google’s search result for

  1. Blog title – define it in Settings → General
  2. Blog tagline – define it in Settings → General
  3. Homepage description – define it in Settings → SEO Options

Settings - SEO Options

That’s it! If you’d like any further reading about meta-descriptions and SEO, we recommend you to visit ProBloggerMashable or search the web for best practices on writing meta-descriptions for SEO.