A profile consists in an amount of personal data associated to an user (to you). This information is active for all blogs owned by your user account.

That being said, to make changes access Users → Your Profile section on your dashboard.


Then insert / remove /edit the options below:

Personal Options
  • Visual Editor – to disable the visual editor when writing. This will only show HTML editor while you’re creating new posts/pages.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – 
  • Show Admin Bar – to enable / disable the top admin bar when viewing your blog / site or in your dashboard.
  • Username – You can not edit this option, since your email is your identification for Blog.com. If you’d like to be contacted to another email, change it in the Contact Info options.
  • First name/ Last name – Insert these names if you’d like. Totally optional.
  • Nickname – Also optional. If you insert a nickname here, then you can choose in the option above if you’d like to use it publicly instead of your email.
  • Display name publicly as – Choose if you want your email or nickname to appear when publishing posts, adding comments, etc.
Contact Info
  • E-mail – Required. It’s your registration email by default. Change it if you want Blog.com to contact to a different email.
  • Website – This is the URL that will be linked to your username when leaving comments on Blog.com.
  • AIM / Yahoo / IM / Jabber / Google Talk – Enter here your user info from the instant messaging application of your choice. Don’t forget that this will be visible to other users.
About Yourself
  • Biographical Info – Share a little biographical information to fill out your profile. This may be shown publicly.
  • Password change – If you would like to change the password type a new one. Otherwise leave this blank.