If you have a multi-author blog, user roles are very important. They will determine what users can do in your blog, so you have to be careful giving certain capabilities to blog users.

On that note, here are the five Blog roles that you can ascribe to users (each of the other Roles has a decreasing number of allowed Capabilities):

An administrator is somebody who has access to all the administration features. He has full and complete ownership of a blog, and can do absolutely everything regarding posts/pages, comments, settings, theme choice, users. They can even delete the entire blog.

For these reasons, we recommend that the blog owner should be its only administrator. If you want someone to manage posts, try assigning them the Editor Role.


An editor can manage practically all sections on Blog.com: creating and editing his and other people’s Posts/Pages, moderate comments, add new Links, change Categories & Tags, and the Media Library & Albums, etc. Don’t forget that by managing we mean publishing,editing AND deleting.


This is the most common role. Authors will contribute to your blog by creating new posts. By creating a new post, they’ll have the need (and right) to edit posts’ content, posts’ categories and tags, upload images and videos and delete posts. With this role, they’ll be able to do all of this, but only for their posts.

A contributor can add and edit posts created by them. This role is similar to the Author role, but for Contributors’ posts to be published they’ll be needing a review from an administrator. And once it’s published, contributors don’t have the possibility to change it. Also, contributors’ posts are simple posts, with no media attached, since the upload files/images option are not visible to them.

This is the most ordinary, harmless role you can give to someone. Subscribers will have the capability only to read posts, comment and read comments, receive newsletters. They won’t interfere in the creation and editing of posts, pages, categories, etc. They’re just like subscribers of a magazine.